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Architecture is my passion. Since my early days as a software developer, I have been appreciating the great value a good architecture brings to any system be it a single IT system, a system of IT systems or an overall enterprise.

One of the important things I have learned during my carrer is that any system has an architecture. Some have planned and others have accidental architectures. Depending on the criticality of the system, bad architectures can have severe impacts on the overall value a system can deliver. The key is to balance all architectural forces in order to establish a fit for purpose architecture, which is not overengineered, addresses the current needs while at the same time is open to embrace future changes.

I am an Open Group Distinguished Certified Enterprise and IT Architect. Currently, I possess the role of Global Account Technology Strategist. In this role I am responsible for a global client of Microsoft supporting my client in achieving their strategic priorities.

I lead various engagements as an IT and Enterprise Architect, defining, implementing, and governing architectures of different kinds ranging from IT solution to overall enterprise architectures.

In addition, I am an active author, presenter, and lecturer about architecture conveying the value of architecture and contributing to the further enhancement of this discipline. Some of the things I have been doing around this subject, can be found on this web site.

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