Articles and Papers


  • O. Vogel, Transforming the insurance industry with Big Data, AIDA Swiss Chapter event, 2014
  • O. Vogel & I. Arnold: Solution Architecture meets Global Enterprises, OOP, 2013
  • O. Vogel: Model Based Systems Engineering, IBM Academy of Technology conference on Systems Engineering, 2011
  • O. Vogel & C. di Giorgio: Enhancing first-generation Model Driven Development (MDD) platforms, IBM, 2008
  • O. Vogel: Model Driven Software Development in Practice, Presentation, HDM Stuttgart, 2007
  • O. Vogel: Getrieben von Modellen, Presentation, SPIQ Event, 2006
  • O. Vogel: Applying Model Driven Principles, Workshop on Model Driven Architecture and Generative Computing, HDM Stuttgart, 2003
  • H-P. Hoidn, T. Jones, J. Baumann and O. Vogel: Web Services – A Consultant´s View: From IT Strategy to IT Architecture, Web Services for the Integrated Enterprise, OMG Workshop, 2003
  • O. Vogel: J2EE und OSS/J als Basis für Enterprise Application Integration, Java Forum Stuttgart, 2002
  • H-P. Hoidn, T. Jones, J. Baumann and O. Vogel: From Technology to Architecture – Considering the Business, OMG Web Services Workshop, OMG, 2002